The ‘Write’ Inspiration: Author finds inspiration in everyday life

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Teaches students benefits of writing, illustration

By Jennifer Corbett

Author Daryl Cobb sees inspiration all around him, whether it’s the decoration in his daughter’s bedroom, his children’s personalities or the outline of a street on which he lives.


In turn, he uses that inspiration to write children’s books such as, “Daddy, did I ever say?”, “Bill the Bat Loves Halloween” and “Perry Parrot Finds a Purpose.”

Cobb shared his joy in writing, as well as his process of sparking his imagination, with Bardstown Primary students Thursday.

His presentation included several well-known children’s songs, as well as interactive portions with the audience.

“My goal is to get (the students) excited about writing,” Cobb said.

He added that when he performs, he hopes to motivate students by showing them writing is fun.

During one portion, Cobb asked several students what they would write. Most of them answered with personal things in their lives, whether it was the 39 fish one child caught on a recent fishing trip or simply talking about their baby sister.

To Cobb, showing students that anything in their life can light a creative spark is the match to a perfect combination.

For Bardstown Primary Principal Michelle Ryan, Cobb’s method is something on which Bardstown Primary has been increasing its focus.

“We’re working with the kids on (improving) their writing,” she said.

In the kindergarten classes, Ryan said they’ve been using a method called “Super Sentences,” where students start with one sentence. They continually add to it until they have a full story.

Once that is finished, they work to illustrate their story.

“Our kids’ imaginations are so vivid at this age,” Ryan said. “Anything that we can do to help get those ideas on paper is a plus.”

Overall, Ryan said she could easily tell her students learned quite a bit during Cobb’s assembly, while also having fun.

“It’s a great learning experience disguised as a fun assembly,” she said.

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