JENNIFER GROTE/The Kentucky Standard
The Man (Elijah Rosenbaum) talks to Agnes (Aria Mathis) about how she should approach a situation during a rehearsal of "The Apollo of Bellac" at Bardstown High School Wednesday. Students in BHS's drama club are performing the show at the Kentucky Theatre Association this weekend and will perform the show for the public in the first week of December.
BHS prepares to perform at theatre festival

An introverted girl comes into the International Bureau of Inventions looking for a job.

Described as shy, Agnes sees a receptionist working at a desk. A statue of a man is on display near the entrance.

With hesitation in her voice, Agnes timidly asks the clerk on duty if she could meet with the chairman of the board.

“No one sees the chairman of the board,” the clerk replies sternly.

Agnes soon meets a mysterious man, who comes to her aid. The man teaches her how to stand out and get anything she wants.