RANDY PATRICK/The Kentucky Standard
Stacy Bowman uses the dowsing rods to ask questions about the spirit of her mother. Also pictured are Janis Allen, Bob McNear, Jodi McNear, Jessica McNear and Elliott Hurst.
‘They don’t know they’re dead’

How did she know?

In the spooky basement of the old Wickland mansion, 7-year-old Mason was wide-eyed as his father, Gary Huffman, asked questions of another boy who was both there and not there.

“When Mason was almost a year old, at my mom’s house, did my dad come and visit him?” Huffman asked Antoine, the slave boy whose spirit the group was channeling.

Slowly the copper dowsing rods Huffman was holding began to turn inward until they crossed — a definite yes.

The medium, Katie Wilhite, then asked Mason a question.