TREY CRUMBIE/The Kentucky Standard
Josh Payne, Youth Services Center director for Bardstown City Schools, graduated from Bardstown High School in 2006. Payne returned to Bardstown in 2013 and has taken on various roles within the Bardstown City Schools system.
Bardstown native gives back to alma mater

Josh Payne wears many hats in the Bardstown City Schools district. He is the director for the Youth Services Center. He leads a group called Boys To Men, helping high school-aged boys to better futures. And he’s the assistant athletic director for Bardstown High School, where he also helps coach track and football.

“I love to stay busy,” Payne said.

Payne, a Bardstown native, has been back home working with Bardstown City Schools for about three years. Since then, he’s been assisting numerous students in the school.


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